Strategic consultancy applied to industrial logistics

It was a practical consideration that led to the establishment of L&O: the time required by a company (however well organized) to contact the best carriers and find the most viable solutions can impact negatively on the business activities as a whole.

The risk is failure to honour customer commitments, or to fulfil them to the detriment of one’s own business.

We take over at this point: backed by our know-how and experience, we create customized solutions able to trigger a virtuous circle between customers and carriers.



Research into the specific characteristics of the company in relation to its competitors and the sector in which it operates.



Development of a strategic, customized proposal aimed at creating tangible efficiency.



Practical conversion of our proposal: the best way to confirm a good, sound theory.


Dealing with industrial logistics means addressing management issues that are of strategic importance for any enterprise.

It is not just a case of ensuring that raw materials are purchased and finished products handled, but of implementing a dynamic, organized transport planning model allowing real competitive advantages to be achieved.

The industrial transport world is our background: we met each other on the job and decided to join forces about a year ago.
L&O has been based on skilful teamwork among different, but complementary, aptitudes: the cornerstone on which we build the future of a sound proposal, designed to create efficiency.
Our level of experience (meaning comprehensive and thorough personal knowledge of logics, dynamics and the players involved) is second only to the strong motivation that encourages us to put ourselves on the line.
Luciano Coco

I have acquired cross-disciplinary skills in management and operative areas having held positions of responsibility in the different business divisions of a company.

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Lino Dario
General Manager

As sales manager of various leading companies in the sector, I was able to acquire a clear awareness in terms of trade and corporate management.

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Marco Amaddio
Marco Amaddio
Logistic Manager

As a logistic operator in several companies in the sector, I was able to acquire excellent planning and organization skills.

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The added value of soundly-based and well prepared intermediation is what sets us apart: we can keep a close eye on our clients, establish relationships of trust and provide real support.


We deliberately chose not to become carriers ourselves: an organization with fixed costs would have implied some sort of obligation, an unnecessary constraint for our clients.


Every company is unique. This is why we do not follow predetermined procedures. Our aim is to develop impeccable solutions that comply with specific performance enhancement specifications.


Bringing demand and offer together while guaranteeing high-level specificity means creating value for all the players involved.


We provide extensive and in-depth knowledge of the industrial transport world as well as the undisputed professionalism of those who have chosen to put carefully nurtured talent and passion to good use.

We can also count on a well-founded network built on respect and trust: over the years, we have been able to develop relations with numerous partners and other parties in the sector.


Our only limits are imposed, on a case-by-case basis, by geographical contexts: they are not limitations in the strict sense, but precise strategic choices.

Since we work with repeat carriers, we can provide our clients with solutions that keep a close focus on the specific characteristics of the territory (beyond the national borders).


Thanks to our consultancy service, companies can take advantage of numerous opportunities to create efficiency, well beyond the context delimited by the need to rationalize their logistics processes.

Our know-how enables us to face, in a proactive way, the lack of a dedicated sales organization or the absence of skills sure to become of fundamental importance in the future.

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